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Through connections with many shipping companies, we provide cargo consolidation and freight brokering services at very competitive rates to any part of the world.


What makes us different...

Whatever your needs we firmly believe that delivering our expertise and quality products on time at the right cost mean we have the 'packaging solution for you'

We are a specialist in the supply of industrial packaging into market sectors such as food, chemicals, retail, minerals, plastics, computer and local authorities to name a few.

  • Corrugated Cases/Cartons/Boxes
  • Bubble & Cushioning
  • Packaging Papers
  • Polythene Products
  • Tapes & Labels
  • Strapping

Garment On Hangers Containers

The GOH fabrication will be done based on the requirements of the byers ,Gobetter provides 20’& 40’/40’hc Rigged containers to the garment industry for shipment of GOH.

These Rigged Containers come in 6 designs and are specially styled to carry extra weight.

Paper based packaging

Edgeboards, U-Profiles, Flatboards, Carton Board Pallets, PallRuns and Slip Sheets are some of the Paper Based Packaging solutions.

These solutions are eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, available in various sizes and could be customized to meet customer requirements as well.

Edge boards

  • Increase stacking strength inside/outside corrugated boxes with Edgeboards.
  • Reinforce your packaging and protect your product with Edgeboards!

Damage caused during transport and handling is a problem for manufacturers and distributors. Many traditionally used packaging materials do not give enough protection for hard impacts and even a small scratch can lead to a claim for compensation. This is why a number of producers and packaging experts have chosen compact edge protection as a solution. Edgeboards are delivered ready cut to the correct length and they can be combined with stretch foil, shrink rap and strapping. The quality, size and strength is chosen individually for each use.

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