Gobetter Logistics and Distribution (Pvt) Ltd.
Level 26,East Tower,
World Trade Centre,Echelon Square,
Colombo 00100-Sri Lanka.
+94 71 2384433 | +94 11 5947620 | +94 11 7430215



Quality facilities strategically sourced throughout the lK and located to suit your business, with a huge variety of storage solutions. Facilities range from single-stack floor storage to generous multi-level racking.

We can store a wide range of products, including chemicals, packaging, finished goods, foodstuffs and raw materials. Any size of pallet can be accommodated. As an added value service, product can be received loose, then palletized and shrink-wrapped or packaged to facilitate storage.

Why not use Gobetter Logistics as your Consolidation point?

We provide one contact point to take care of the handling of all physical product requirements, through to the administration and control of all incoming documentation.

We provide our clients with a single source of supply chain expertise incorporating value-enhancing activities such as stock reworking, product manipulation and returns management.

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