Gobetter Logistics and Distribution (Pvt) Ltd.
Level 26,East Tower,
World Trade Centre,Echelon Square,
Colombo 00100-Sri Lanka.
+94 71 2384433 | +94 11 5947620 | +94 11 7430215


About Us

We constantly strive to develop better and more efficient ways to carry out our business by the means of sourcing latest technology and innovative solutions, increasing the service offerings and by expanding the resources.

Our Services & Commitments continue to materialize because of our people. We have been and continue to hire customer focused and competent employees who will assure you satisfaction at all levels.

Our success story is purely a result of all these factors which has reflected a competitive advantage to our clients.

Our Vision

To be the undisputed leader for project based cargo in logistics and related services

Our Mission

To delight customers with innovative Solutions and quality logistics services with the right costs while fulfilling the aspirations of stakeholder.

Our Values

  • Passion to Deliver 'Beyond' Consistently
  • With Honor and Integrity
  • In an environment and Trust


Gobetter Logistics will provide you with leading edge, world-wide transportation solutions which will assist and complement your business.

Gobetter Logistics customers demand the highest standards and adherence to the most exacting schedules, therefore our knowledge and experience of over years in delivering transport solutions, is your security that Gobetter Logistics will provide you with the very best of world-wide transportation, partnered with competitive pricing policies.

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